…what kind of a mental retard schedules a 4 (FUCKING) hour training session straight across lunch.  And doesn’t offer lunch to the attendees…nor do they even offer a LUNCH BREAK to the attendees.

I sense a bail-out of this meeting in my future…ARGH.


~ by seangstm on May 30, 2008.

5 Responses to “Seriously…”

  1. Claim diabetes. Get up and go eat. Diabetics are the Nazis of the food world.

  2. This time next week there is a distinct possibility that I will be diagnosed diabetic.

    For cereal, man.

    I’m already a nazi tho, so it’s all relative. 😉 lol

  3. My Doc has announced I am “pre-diabetic”. Meaning I am seconds away from medication (eventually I will need it, but right now I can curb the inevitable with exercise (ha!) and diet change (ha ha!)). I even have a blood monitor too! I get more pricks than a bath house!

    I did a great post about going to The Women’s Hospital for a diabetes seminar. Not one person found my joke “I’m only here for the recipes!” at all funny.

    Sorry to hear you might be diabetic. Take care of yourself! I need someone to keep me distracted at work.

  4. *hugs* buddy. I hope you wont be but if you are im sending big love your way!

  5. OMG..all is good guys.

    My parents are both diabetic so the chances of me getting it are sitting somewhere between 99.9% and 100%. I am, however, eating better (the 50+ homemade chicken wings notwithstanding) and taking better care of myself mentally and physically – I actually dropped 3% of my body fat in the last two weeks! And then gained back 1.5% two days ago! D’OH!!!

    Seriously, though – feeling fantastic. Get my blood test results on Thurs. Will keep ya’ll posted. 🙂

    Thanks for the well wishes.

    @Dead Robot – I think it’s funny, but I know the feeling. lol
    @Romach – thanks, buddy.

    OH!!! And my boss gave me carte blanche to leave the meeting at will – I AM THAT FUCKING AMAZING…

    …or complainy. I dunno.


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