LEGO Indiana Jones – The Original Adventures

So I bought LEGO Indiana Jones – The Original Adventures last night for PS3. I immediately threw it in and was thrust back in the (quality) world of Indiana Jones, scrubbing away any ill feelings I had leftover from that travesty that was Indy IV.

If you’ve ever played the LEGO Star Wars games, this is pretty much the exact same, but I have to say they’ve made some MAJOR improvements. The backgrounds and detailing are incredible (this could be due to the fact that the Star Wars games were made for PS2 and upgraded to PS3, not created for PS3 originally).

The cut scenes are quite amusing, much like their Star Wars counterparts, and there is a myriad of great references to the films. Some interesting omissions however – the Nazis are nowhere to be found (replaced by an unnamed, megalomaniac led, sadistic world power bent on complete domination of the planet. You know, that old chestnut.). Certain characters don’t die – like Satipo (he was impailed in the opening sequence of Raiders). I haven’t gotten any farther yet, though. 🙂

Several scenes are painstakingly recreated in LEGO-format, much to my appreciative amusement. For example…


I managed to play the first two levels of the Raiders chapter, and got into the opening level of the Temple of Doom chaper (pictured above). All in all, fun times!

Quite excited to play it with J when he returns on Tuesday. BOOYAH!


~ by seangstm on June 4, 2008.

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