“Express elevator to hell…going DOWN!”

Tonight is the night – the extremely sweet-ass double-bill of Ridley Scott’s Director’s Cut of Alien (1979) and James Cameron’s 1986 follow-up, Aliens, playing at the Bloor Cinema tonight.  So F*CKING excited – you have no idea.

On a related note, RIP to Stan Winston (who did all of the creature “execution” in Aliens – I say “execution” because the alien was designed by Gieger and the Alien Queen was designed by James Cameron himself*)

*please note the high-heels on the Alien Queen in the final shots of the 2nd trailer (1:40 – 1:45).  Sadly, this bit of design genius is cropped out of all final prints of the movie (both the theatrical and director’s cuts).


~ by seangstm on June 18, 2008.

7 Responses to ““Express elevator to hell…going DOWN!””

  1. I love both those movies! They will never fade!

  2. As do I. I’m also a huge fan of the third one, but you need to see the assembly cut to appreciate it, in my opinion. The theatrical, dvd version is horrifically bad.

    So excited to go tonight!! Gonna take some pics! 😀

  3. I had to pull Da duty last night and couldn’t go. However, Superman II was on last night and I thought of you, appropriately.

    Not that I think of you inappropriately. ‘Cause that’s like thinking of my brother inappropriately… I digress…

    How was it? Was it Horse Lubricant Dripping From Their Jaws Lovely?

  4. “So…you are the one they call ‘President’ – I see you are practised in worshiping things that fly…


    It’s on tonight, silly, not last night! 🙂

    You crazy.

    BTW, I totally rode past you whilst riding my bike this morning. You were fiddling with some godforsaken bit of unnecessary technology and I was careening towards Carlton…stopping seemed problematic. But I did almost turn around. 🙂

  5. I missed you. Sorry. I was also trying to avoid eye contact with some knob I knew. Not you, mind you. Another. From my bar manager days.

    I’m still on Da duty until the weekend. Dang.

  6. And the iPhone is not unnecessary. It’s gotten me money, fame and pooty tang.

  7. No worries. 🙂 Was extremely coincidental – made me ponder life a little. 😀

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