I went to my first yoga class today.  Very cool.  Pretty intense, also.  One thing that surprised me was that it wasn’t as relaxing as I thought.  I think that is down to the aggressive energy that you expend when you lift weights, as opposed to the more controlled, self-directed energy that yoga requires.  I’ll definitely go again – next week, in fact, but I’ll prolly do it at the end of my workday as opposed to the middle (when I normally work out).


~ by seangstm on June 18, 2008.

9 Responses to “Today”

  1. what style of yoga was it?

  2. Um…I dunno. I think it was listed under:

    “Yoga Designed to Chap Sean’s Ass”

    It was a Body Flow Class…so it was Tai Chi, then Yoga, then Pilates, then meditation. I didn’t stay for the meditation bit, but would like to next time.

    I did a sun salutation, some pyramids, some downward dogs. Don’t QUESTION ME!

  3. I would love to do yoga but I haven’t got the pelvis for a futon never mind Yoga! But I know a few people who do it and after a while they say it is great, stick at it buddy!

  4. Yeah, I enjoyed it immensely. I shall return! 🙂

  5. whenever i’m in downward dog i can’t help but remember the woman in waterloo who nicknamed it “grateful boyfriend” LOL i started going back to yoga a couple of weeks ago.

    stay for the meditation (it’s called corpse pose or savasana) next time i know it sounds really stupid but you’ll leave feeling so incredible.

  6. Yoga is for chumps.

    (looks at his size 36 pants)

    Don’t judge me!!

    Glad you’re enjoying it! Scared of inward meditation?

  7. I wear size 36 pants, dammit! I’m 6’4″ and happy. 🙂

    And I’m not scared of the meditation – love doing it, just didn’t have time in this particular instance. 🙂

  8. Thought so, just rattlin’ your cage.

    Me wanty pics (if any) from last night!!

  9. Pics coming later – will upload them during class. Only managed to snap one shot during Alien (took me the entire movie to figure out how to turn off my super bright lcd screen). Got the title card from Aliens, which looks sweet. FUN TIMES!

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