“Just when you thought racism couldn’t get any mo’ racism-ah…”

Well, Miss Leni Riefenstahl 2008 came over to talk to me at work today about my dentist.

I love my dentist. I love her despite hating and fearing all dentists. I don’t fear her, just the things she will do to me. It’s a delicate balance of terror1.

Anyway, she comes over and begins asking the usual questions about my dentist – does she do this, does she do that, etc. I answered as best I could, providing anecdotes derived from my own experience with this particular tooth-monger. Then she began questioning me specifically about certain procedures and the like – some rubber tooth mask contraption held open by speculuae. It sounded grotesque beyond measure. I explained that my dentist had not as yet done that to me, but you could never rule out the possibility that kinky action is potentially around the corner when the hygenist isn’t looking.

She recounted these tales of medieval torture, blood-letting and leech installation and then turned to me. She looked around devilishly and then leaned in close and said, “You know – it’s these Jews. He’s a Jew.”

I immediately said, “Well, I think dentists are dentists and if they’re shitty, they’re shitty. I dunno.”

Thankfully, it ended there…

…until she asked me about my dentist’s ethnic background. I fumphered but then recovered and said, “I believe they’re all from the Philippines.”

“Oh, okay,” she said.

“Yeah.” The relief washed over me.

“I’m also really not comfortable with having a woman dentist…”




~ by seangstm on June 25, 2008.

3 Responses to ““Just when you thought racism couldn’t get any mo’ racism-ah…””

  1. I know her pain! A Jew dentist once stole the fillings from my mouth! He’s now the Cash Man up on St Clair, he’ll give you money for your gooo-old, he’s the Cash Man. Oh yeah.

    Really. Seriously. What the fuck?

    And I think they’re Filipino now. Didn’t you get the memo, you stupid WASP(C)?

  2. Oh My good god! Point her to my blog as I have written about antisemitism many times! What a f**king Nazi she is!

  3. I love how the deeper the repressed racist, the more non-sequitir the comment: Oh I can’t go to Canada’s Wonderland, the cleaning staff are all Somalians.

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