James Bond Blu-Ray Covers Revealed

…well, at least the first set anyway.

They’re real purdy…real nice.

I especially love the one for Thunderball, with Sean Connery looking particularly sauced in the photo…

They’re listed at $34.95 each or $89.95 for three in a set. Yikes.

That means the entire collection (save Casino Royale, which I already have on blu-ray) will run yours truly a grand total of…


YIKES indeed.  Let’s ignore that though, shall we?


~ by seangstm on July 25, 2008.

5 Responses to “James Bond Blu-Ray Covers Revealed”

  1. What price happiness?

    What price love?

  2. The saddest part is, they’ll likely throw on some back-water, obscure television spot on the re-release* of Casino Royale on blu-ray so I’ll end up forking over another $40. Meh! Who needs stuff when you can just have things.

    *Casino Royale will make history when it is re-released on blu-ray…being the first movie ever re-released in the format. I dunno if that’s something to be proud of…especially since it will clearly be a cash grab.

  3. Great job on the cover. I’ll definitely need a few JB on Blu-Ray.

  4. Amazon is selling the Bloo Rai for 30% off or something…?

  5. HD DVD and Blu-ray offer true high-resolution video and greater interactivity than standard DVDs, but the new formats are incompatible with one another.

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