I was it…but now I’m not…

Sharkboy tagged me in a meme.  This one is easy – go  to you flickr account (or equivalent) and hit the 6th image on the 6th page.

I will admit I slightly cheated – I used the public version of my flickr account since the 6th photo on the 6th page that is displayed when I look at the account (without restrictions, obviously)…is a little private.  C’est la vie.

But seriously – it’s a pic of a gorilla giving me the finger.  C’mon, people!!

I shall tag:

  • Jtree
  • RainbowDishes
  • Deep South Mark
  • The Fluffy Pink Blog
  • Advertisements

    ~ by seangstm on December 2, 2008.

    2 Responses to “I was it…but now I’m not…”

    1. I’ll do this when I get home. I’m being a bad girl and blogging at school. Shhhhh….

    2. you can email the non-public entry to my home account, thank you very much, good day sir, I said, good day!

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