Colour me annoyed…

So, to coincide with the similarly named remake being released on February 14, 2008, Paramount Pictures has released the original Friday the 13th Uncut on DVD and Blu-ray.  I left work yesterday, completed stoked that I was going to splurge and buy this little gem to view some Hi-Def death scenes from 1980…and UNCUT!  Sweet.

I walked to HMV on Yonge and found the disc – $26.99.  Pretty good price, and it was available for purchase in a “2 for $50” deal with another Blu-ray disc.  Super sweet.

I grabbed it and started to look for another disc for potential purchase.  As I walked around, I began examining the cover…


…pretty f’ing cool. 🙂

Then I turned it over…



Then I began to read more closely and discovered that the footage falling under the label of UNCUT totalled 10 seconds.

10 seconds…

Eerily enough, this image of the back of the disc doesn’t appear to mention that, but the one in the store did.  Seriously, it takes me longer than 10 seconds to say, “UNCUT!”

Uncut this, Paramount.  I’ll keep my $26.99 plus tax and spend $4 to rent the standard definition version.

Lame.  Buyer beware indeed.


~ by seangstm on February 4, 2009.

4 Responses to “Colour me annoyed…”

  1. That’s a dirty trick. I saw this at Blockbuster today and almost bought it myself, but now, no way. The SD version is $5.00; I don’t think it’s worth an extra $20.00 for 10 seconds more and slightly better resolution.

  2. The Movie Network is showing all the Friday the 13th movies on, one a night, although not in HD, it’s still fun to revisit one per night. I must admit I hadn’t seen those movies in a long time and #1 still holds well, but you can see the the quality sliding in #2, falling in #3, and completely dropping after that… The just became lazy in their effectiveness by simply trying to have a higher body count in the same 90 minutes… Anything from #5 until Jason Vs Freddy was pretty cheap… BUT, this said, I will definitely see the new one coming out this week.

    Wouldn’t it just suck if that 10 seconds of uncut footage was more of the fake sex scene between Kevin Bacon and his trolip before they bite it?

  3. LOL Yeah, that would suck. The cuts are all extra seconds of gore – one of them specifically is about 2 seconds of extra blood spurting out of Kevin Bacon’s neck. Whooohooo!

    I personally like Part VI the best because it treated the franchise as tongue in cheek as opposed to actually scaring people…it was way more honest. And had some of the best kills in the series.

    For my money, tho, I prefer Nightmare on Elm Street.

    Watched the last half hour of Part VII last night. So funny.

  4. I can’t wait for Jason Goes To Manhattan tonight… eheh

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