Oscars 2009

Not gonna write a huge entry about the Academy Awards, but just a few things…


  • Sean Penn’s acceptable speech
  • Hugh Jackman’s opening musical number
  • 5 previous winners presenting the acting awards
  • Wall-E being featured so prominently


  • Hugh Jackman’s mid-show musical number (WTF?)
  • Sophia Loren’s barf-inspired “gown”
  • No acting clips (WTF?)
  • Wall-E’s song being performed by someone other than the Great Peter Gabriel (who was sitting in the audience)
  • Unapologetic homophobe Jerry Lewis picking up a humanitarian award
  • Kate Winslet’s speech (OTT fur rurlz)

~ by seangstm on February 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Oscars 2009”

  1. THANK YOU… I thought Winslet’s speech was borderline “actor pretentious”. Utterly Hollywood, utterly fake. Almost a parody that Robert Downey Jr could have done better.

    We turned over to The Top 100 OUTRAGEOUS Videos EVER! when that homophobic fuck Lewis was on stage. I’d rather laugh at a plus size bride falling off an alter than rage at my tv. Die already.

    Gotta love The Reader part of the opening number.

  2. re: Peter Gabriel. I think he had refused to sing after he was told the song would be cut for time. If I remember correctly, he thought it hurt the message of the song by editing it down.

  3. Ah, I see. Well, he is a pro and the song is better uncut.

    The song category has kinda sucked for years now, though…

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