On the way to work on the streetcar this morning, I noticed a dead cat that had been placed atop someones garbage outside their house.  WTF?!

J and I went to the Eaton Centre at lunch and as we were leaving, we saw a pigeon killed as it tried to fly through a cyclist’s spinning wheels.  Two girls screamed and the cyclist kept going as the pigeon flipped in the air.  The thing flopped down and took off again, flying erratically.  Again it hit the ground and as J walked over to it, he saw it’s eyes close and it died. WTF?!


~ by seangstm on July 31, 2009.

4 Responses to “WTF?!”

  1. You did not tell me of the cat.

  2. I know. I only remember it because someone posted this eerie ad on Craigslist.

    It was very creepy – like someone perhaps had hit it and then just placed it neatly on the garbage pile. I thought it was a raccoon at first, but it was a cat that looked EXACTLY like the one pictures in the ad.

  3. Maybe the cat dies a while back but they put in on the garbage can only once the strike was over… eeeeeeeew.
    People are so rude, what’s wrong with getting a free box at LCBO, placing the cat inside and no one’s the wiser.
    (welcome back)

  4. I meant died…

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