Weekend Round-Up

Greetings all.

Friday night was a quiet one.

Saturday afternoon, J and I played our last regular season game of softball.  Our team won (of course)…and the slowly increasing implosion of the opposing team was definitely entertaining.  So entertaining, in fact, that I flubbed a play whilst my attention was diverted (both the right-fielder and captain of the other team were screaming at each other in the dugout as their team was at bat – classy).  This Friday, Saturday (and possibly) Sunday, we’re in the playoffs.  Should be fun!

In the evening, J and I had Dead Robot and Sharkboy over for dinner.  Was fun to finally have them over to the new place.  After eating and a short flurry of video games, we headed out to see 9.  Good movie, but I feel like bratty, snot-nosed children shouldn’t be allowed to attend a film (at least not a film I’m watching) without adult supervision.  The whole “seen and not heard” thing is really losing momentum in the new millenium.  Sad.

Sunday, J headed to Tai Chi and I decided to try my luck at fishing in Tommy Thompson Park on the Leslie Spit.  After a stop at Canadian Tire and a loooong bike ride out there (it’s always farther than I think it’s going to be), I arrived at the footbridge.  I stayed about 2 hours, with no luck whatsoever.  I did see a large fish seemingly interested in a silver spoon lure but alas, he/she didn’t even nibble.  Nearing the end of my two hours, some knob-ass showed up and started casting off the shore just behind the footbridge.  On about his 5th cast, he hauled in an arms length carp.  Jackass.

I headed home, sunburned and annoyed.  J and I made turkey burgers and sweet potatoes on the barbecue.  SWEET!


~ by seangstm on September 15, 2009.

3 Responses to “Weekend Round-Up”

  1. I used to have more fun yelling at children without supervision. What’s happened to me?

  2. I’m going to track those kids into the future when, as adults, they’ll have to pay $75 per ticket and I’m going to sit behind them and be all dementia- like.

  3. I still feel like I should have got up and stood in front of them and berated them for 15 seconds in front of the entire theater.

    “If you can’t follow this fucking simplistic plot then I suggest you hit the Toons for Tots at the Fox Theatre down the street. I SAID ‘GOOD DAY!'”

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