Bad Blogger

Yes, it’s true – I’m a bad blogger.  I go away for a while and never post…I never update about what went on while I was gone, or what amazing and exciting things I did.  *smack*  There – I’ve hit myself.  Happy?

This past weekend, J and I completed Wedding Tour ’09 and like all good bands that tour until death is literally seconds away, we are exhausted, apathetic about Wedding Tour ’10 (which is a very pared down affair by comparison) and generally fed up with hetero-normative love rituals.  Feh!

We did visit the Dominican Republic at the beginning of November which was an awesome vacation/wedding, so I can’t really complain about that one.  I will, however, complain about the heat I had to endure in my dress shirt and pants (I was part of the wedding party in +35° heat).  Still fun, though.

Check out some pics below.

Before Sunrise

Our room was on the left, and the swim-up bar was on the right - perfection.

Shipwreck in the foreground with our deep sea fishing boat in the background.

Mahi Mahi that I reeled in.

Sunrise in Punta Cana (the tiny line you see on the horizon is the shipwreck pictured previously)

Full set can be viewed here.


~ by seangstm on November 24, 2009.

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