Thundercats – The Wild Workout

The artwork on Thundercats was supremely badass, especially when compared to its contemporaries.

Click to see full-size

Mumm-ra traps Lion-O, Panthro and Snarf in an ice cave – the reflections were all animated independantly…amazing.


~ by seangstm on November 26, 2009.

4 Responses to “Thundercats – The Wild Workout”

  1. I bet that scene cost a lot.
    Nowadays that would all be computer rendered.

  2. …or Korean rendered.

  3. Yeah – moreover, I think part of the reason that Thundercats had such a high quality of animation then (even in late Season 2 episodes, which “The Wild Workout” was) was because they shipped their animation work overseas to Japan and Korea.

  4. What a fantastic still. Thanks for the reminder – now thinking back nostalgically. I miss tigra…. 😉

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