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I have to say, J and I found the policies at the THC very interesting when we were there.  You had to fill out an interminably long application form before you could even see any animals.  That application then had to be approved before you see the animals.  The woman in front of us was asked what she would do if the cat they adopted scratched their furniture and she replied, “I’d just have it declawed.”  The file was put into the circular bin before she finished the sentence and she was politely asked to leave.   I completely get that aspect of the policy, but the atmosphere in general was not one of a place that actually wanted you to take an animal home (unlike when I adopted Orko).  And it was overcrowded to the point of cages lining all of the hallways.  One staff member, obviously desparate to home some of the animals was willing to call us if a specific breed came in (which is against THC policy).  It turned out we didn’t get anything that day because of allergy issues, but at the same time, I wasn’t given the impression that we were really being encouraged to walk out with anything.


~ by seangstm on December 2, 2009.

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