Tips for Retards™ – Tip #47

A beautiful, crisp spring morning and I pull up to Dundas and Yonge on my bike as the light turns red.  I stop.  The four way crossing is on and I hear a honk behind me.  I turn around.  This woman in a station wagon behind me is gesturing with her hand….a “go…go…” gesture.  In other words, she was trying to get me to go through the cross walk.

I informed her (over the deafening sound of her stupidity, gesturing to the object I was perched atop), “I’m on a BIKE!”

She continued motioning for me to go through the intersection…I looked on in utter stunned disbelief…continually highlighting the steel frame I was straddling.

I then got fed up with her retardation, gave her the finger and said “F*ck off.”

Seriously – she was actually trying to get me to blow a red light.  And yes, of course I could have gotten off my bike and walked through as a pedestrian, but that’s MY choice…BETCH.  And isn’t inticing to commit a crime a crime in itself?!

I was so annoyed.  I couldn’t believe her ignorance of traffic laws.  She was clearly peeved that I was beside a streetcar and she was stuck behind me.  Get over it, Nancy Grace.

Tips for Retards™ – Tip #47

You can choose to break basic traffic laws and run the risk of being ticketed for them.  Trying to intimidate others into breaking those laws is retarded.  Especially since your attempt at “law breaking through proxy” was clearly based on your own retardation and ignorance of the laws involving bicycles in the city.

The sad part is, these are the same retards who are going to be voting for (or against) bike lanes downtown.   Scary.


~ by seangstm on May 11, 2010.

4 Responses to “Tips for Retards™ – Tip #47”

  1. Exactly what would that achieve for her, anyway? Y&D square is a no turn left or right so what was she going to do with you out of the way? Burn past the streetcar? Meh! You wanted a car, you can wait in your car.

  2. Exactamundo, DR.

    And that’s exactly what she did, I made it through the intersection (once the light was green) and she blew past me in the far left lane and zipped (clearly speeding) through the next intersection at Bay and Dundas…and its not like my blowing through the red light would have advanced her any. She just didn’t like bikes in her lane, I guess.

    …and I agree, if you want the “convenience” of a car, you have to live with the accompanying “inconvenience.”

    I love riding in the bike lane down Dundas towards home, passing 10 or 15 cars that can’t manage to pass the streetcar legally, or being able to fit in smaller lane.

    Take that, fossil fuels!


  4. Did she offer to pay the $110 ticket for going through a red light?

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