Its the Final Countdown!

**Fifth times the charm…oh email posting how inconvenient, yet convenient, you are**

As I related in my last post (it seems so long ago, doesn’t it?), I haven’t been able to blog for some time. I didn’t spend my nights crying; a quivering heap in the corner. Instead, I spent my nights pining for the ever-quicker approaching day when J and I will finally board a plane from Buffalo, New York* and violently purge our outer adult whilst inappropriately embracing our inner child. That’s right – we’re going to Disney World! Shrieking “Big Thunder Mountain!!” during sex will never be the same after March 3, 2011.

In an effort to figure out what the big hooha about this Walter Disney was, we decided to watch a few of his films prior to our trip. I original intended to write a blog post about each one we watched, but that never happened save for one. Ah well, it doesn’t matter in the end. We’ve watched Sleeping Beauty, The Sword in the Stone, Lady and the Tramp, Pinnochio, Alice in Wonderland and The Aristocats. Walter made some pretty good films, I gotta admit. Before we go, I still want to watch the live action/animation combos in my collection (Mary Poppins, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Pete’s Dragon) as well as The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Lion King and The Little Mermaid among others.

Both J and I, and our travel companions Deadrobot and Sharkboy, are super-mega-excited about the trip. Although I kept my anticipation in check up until recently, I’ve now started counting the days. I repeatedly check Google Earth to make sure that Disney World is still there, not scooped up by the Borg or overrun with the fell armies of Mordor. (It’s still there, by the way – phew).

My only (completely fleeting) disappointment is that Star Tours, the Star Wars ride, will be closed while we are there. Pooh. Speaking of pooh, we’re be having breakfast with Winnie the Pooh and his friends one morning! Joygasm!! See, I’ve already forgotten about the pesky upgrades to Star Tours. Before I completely leave the subject, I am especially disappointed because the ride is surely closed to upgrade it to include some badly composited, rubber animated alien that George Lucas dreamt up while pontificating to himself about his own importance – all atop a gold plated crapper. Jar Jar Binks? We shall see…

Alternatively, the untimely death of Michael Jackson had the unexpected effect of re-opening Captain Eo! Thanks, Michael! I salute both your and Walter Disney’s oxygen chambers in the sky.


14 days…and counting…


*Kudos, Air Canada! Our ridiculously close proximity to B-Lo, coupled with the $800 savings on our package price, combined with the direct bus to the B-Lo airport made this the most obvious, easy and logical choice when ordering the vacation package. Ta!


~ by seangstm on February 17, 2011.

One Response to “Its the Final Countdown!”

  1. I’m at the point of two countdowns: work days and actual days.

    I apologize that Star Tours will be shut but I have it on good authority that Jar Jar will not be present. The pilot will be C3P0.

    Also you will crap your pants when you see 50s Diner Cafe. CRAP, I say!

    I can’t wait to “see” Disney through your eyes.

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