Happy Birthday Dear Ah-ah-ah…

This weekend past marked the 34th birthday of yours truly. Yay! Whoopi! It was a fun one.

Friday evening, a group of us headed to the Thorncliffe Bowlerama. We arrived early along with our soon to be travelling companions, Dead Robot and Sharkboy, boding well for our upcoming trip to the Happiest Place on Earth©. Can you believe its only a week away? I know! Only 9 days! But I digress…

…the Thorncliffe Bowlerama was fairly empty on the 5-pin side, and full up on the 10-pin side. Full up with a league – a league of extraordinarily gay gentlemen (and ladies). From the minute we sat down to kill half an hour, we got the evils from several of the league members. We were also informed that if we intended to take pictures we would have to move to the opposite side of the building, near the 5-pin lanes. Odd. DR explained the thought process behind this, but it still seemed a little insane.

In any event, our other friends eventually showed up, one of whom kindly afforded me a gift of a bottle of red wine. The management of the place was not, however, best pleased when a sealed bottle of wine could be seen amongst our group’s possessions. Apparently, the “league” has rules regarding unopened alcohol (and taking pictures anywhere near them, and whether or not you can breathe in their presence, and possibly others, but I wasn’t allowed to make eye contact with any of them long enough to surmise what they might be). A genuflecting manager came around gushing apologies and insisted (albeit very friendly-like) that he store my wine in his office for safe keeping lest the “league” look upon him in a negative light..I begrudgingly obliged and went back to the bowling game – the first of which I tied with Sharkboy and the second of which I won. Yay for me!

Despite the Thornecliffe Bowlerama’s negative-nelly attitude, they did provide J with a bowling pin and some markers for all the birthday attendees to sign for. That was pretty sweet.

After the bowling alley, the group split up a bit and we hit Woody’s downtown and got quite loaded, as you should on any good birthday.

Sunday evening (my actual birthday), we had two good friends over who were unable to attend the bowling fun-fest. We ended up making a slow cooker chicken curry (which was INCREDIBLE), vindaloo chicken, rice and naan. For dessert we had embarrassingly inappropriate sundaes, slathered in hot fudge and caramel. In a drunken, blood sugar spiking haze, I crashed and coma’d my way to Monday morning.



~ by seangstm on February 22, 2011.

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  1. Happy Birthday!!!!!

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