The (Accelerated) Road to Disney – Dumbo (1941)

So, my intention had been to make a detailed (or at least longer) blog entry for each Disney film that we watched as we geared up for the Great Trip of 2011, but that didn’t happen.  Since we’re leaving on Wednesday evening, there is little chance of salvaging the idea in its entirety.  I am, however, going to watch as many Disney films as I can before we leave and write a 100 words or less review of them.

Dumbo (1941) in 100 words or less:

Created “on the cheap” in an effort to recoup the significant losses of Fantasia (and to a lesser degree, Pinnochio), Dumbo definitely looks thriftily done.  The style of animation didn’t impress me much, but the sweet and heart-warming story more than makes up for it.

The racist depictions of African-Americans, however, really surprised me.  Dumbo is “of a time” though, as they say, so I really can’t dismiss the films’ many merits because of common misconceptions of the era in which it was created (or those of its creators).

Verdict: a sweet, if somewhat sloppy looking film.


~ by seangstm on February 27, 2011.

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