Can I steal you for a minute…?

More Disney pics (and videos!!) coming soon. đŸ™‚

Last night, as J and I were waiting (impatiently) for the TTC bus to arrive across from our place, we were approached by a woman. Now, I’m not one to judge and I really know nothing of her life, but this bitch was busted: mussed hair, listless shuffle, re-usable shopping bag as suitcase, missing tooth. She came up behind J as he was talking to me, and because he could see a look of concern come over my face, he turned so we were both facing her.
She came in closer and mumbled incoherently, “Hi. Can you guys spare a pack of cigarettes…?”
I had understood her, but J asked her to repeat herself. She did and I immediately cut her off and replied, “I’m sorry – we don’t smoke.”
“Not even one?”
She turned and grumbled something else under her breath. We stifled laughter. She started off to the next stop north of us mumbling, “I’m gonna go get a pack of cigarettes over there…”

I do have to admire her lofty goals–requesting an entire pack of cigarettes. But one thing that has always annoyed me is people pan-handling for smokes who give you an incredulous look when you reply with, “Sorry – I don’t smoke.” I’m not sure if its just the plain annoyance of having no hope of success, or an immediate fury over the fact that you’re not afflicted with the same vice. In any event, I feel that when you ask for a cigarette and someone replies with “I don’t smoke,” the conversation is effectively over. I think it was her unique lack of understanding that particular point that I found most amusing.


~ by seangstm on March 30, 2011.

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