This Film is Dated™ – 15.06.11


Can you name the film?


Looks like this on is a stumper.  It’s a frame from “Leviathan” (1989) – very bad Alien-underwater rip-0ff.


~ by seangstm on June 15, 2011.

7 Responses to “This Film is Dated™ – 15.06.11”

  1. There’s a lens flare…so it might be a JJ Abrams movie…

    I’m going to say Solaris!

    • True enough about the lens flare. lol
      Its not Solaris, or a JJ Abrams film, however.
      Think older…

  2. Also, this should have been my Friday entry but it published early…damn you WordPress!! Ah well…I’ll add more on the weekend for next week.

  3. Robo Jox?

    • No…

      …and that sounds like a porno that would be at the top of your personal fave list. Just sayin’.

  4. See, I never saw this one. I passed on it because I thought it was a crappy Alien clone (and I had some sense of duty back then. I’d see it now, of course)

    • Yeah, its pretty bad. But like King Solomon’s Mines and its sequel, it is a shite movie with an incredible score by Jerry Goldsmith. Some great themes wasted on this piece of garbage…
      Check out the theme here:


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