Bare Oaks

I’m not sure if its JTree being away, or the fact that today Penny is going to stay with my parents and I won’t see her again until July 7…but I was in a crabby mood for large portions of this weekend. Not the entire weekend, mind – both trips to Ribfest were fun although somewhat short because frankly, unless you’re a huge, fat pig, you can’t spend more than a couple hours eating huge, fat pig ribs. My walks with Penny were fun, too.
But, generally, I was feeling BLEUGH…about life, about people, about my neighbourhood especially. I love living in the Beach, but by god do I hate it in the summer. The beach is always crawling with people who are throwing trash everywhere and its very difficult to walk a very social dog along the boardwalk – she needs to stop and talk to everyone.
Anyway, this general malaise about the Beach evaporated a second ago when in the same breath as hearing Matt Galloway announce the Beaches Jazz Festival this weekend, I checked the schedule at the Fox Theatre and realized that next week they’re actually having a NUDE screening. How awesome is that???

From the Fox Theatre website:


Bare Oaks Presents:
Act Naturally

Please be advised This screening is clothing Free
(2011, USA, 90mins, 18a)

Dir. J.P. Riley Starring Katie Hall, Liz Lytle, Alan Cox, Susan May Pratt, josh mcvaney, Courtney abbott

When two estranged step-sisters learn of their father’s untimely death on a business trip, they must travel cross-country to claim his remains. Upon arriving at their father’s final destination, the girls are shocked to discover he had been leading a double life as the proprietor of a nudist resort. To top it off… this is their inheritance. As the sisters’ world continues spinning out of orbit, the resort staff takes them under their bare wing. Welcoming them to a world free of worries or clothes, the staff must convince them to keep the doors open. The girls face the ultimate decision: embrace their unlikely inheritance… or lay it, and their unanswered questions, to rest with their late father. $19.95 single adult. $29.95 for two adults.

Hilarious! I won’t be going, nude or otherwise, but this kind of free lovin’, anti-establishment (in the clothing sense, at least) movie screening happening in my neighbourhood has easily reminded me of why I love it…and Toronto…and Canada.


~ by seangstm on June 20, 2011.

2 Responses to “Bare Oaks”

  1. I’d probably drop hot buttered popcorn in my lap.

    It can’t be easy when the two love interests in your life are out of the house.

    PS: I ate like a fat pig.

  2. OMG – I didn’t mean you when I made that pig comment! lol I was thinking more of the scooter brigade who would sit there all day like Jabba the Hutt and have ribs sent to them.

    “Bo shoodah…”

    Yeah, the food/hygiene situation fascinates me in that nudist screening…

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