Masters of the Universe – Evil Warriors

How many can you name?

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(Being a serious geek, I got about 90% and had to research the remainder)


~ by seangstm on October 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Masters of the Universe – Evil Warriors”

  1. Great picture, but I didn’t like MotU growing up. I blame Filmation.

    #1 …is that Adam as an evil goatee wearin’ alternative universe Spock kind of guy? Nice ‘Do!

    I think I got about three…?

  2. #1 is Faker, a robotic He-Man doppleganger created by Skeletor.

    I understand people’s dislike of Filmation’s style, but I feel like especially with He-Man and She-Ra, Filmation really kept the US cartoon industry afloat when most people were shipping their work overseas. Also, He-Man and She-Ra had a charm that was lacking in a lot of other Filmation work. The fact that it was a 22 minute commercial for toys is also another criticism, but most of the writers disliked having to shoe-horn in new characters to advertise upcoming Mattel releases and the actual show had very little in common with the toyline other than the main characters. A lot of the ones pictured above never appeared on the show at all and others were on the show, but never graced Mattel’s toyline.

    It is an amazing pic, though. 🙂

  3. Here’s the list…

    1 – Faker (evil robotic He-Man created by Skeletor)
    2 – Skreech (evil counterpart to Zoar, the falcon-form of the Sorceress
    3 – Whiplash (lizard dude with a deadly tail)
    4 – Panthor (evil counterpart to Battle-Cat)
    5 – Twistoid (Evil Master of…Spinning…? Evil counterpart to Rotar)
    6 – Trap-Jaw (Evil Master of Weapons)
    7 – Two-Bad (Double-Headed Evil Strategist)
    8 – Blast Attak (Evil Robotic Warrior built as a ticking time bomb)
    9 – Spikor (Evil creature covered in spikes w/ a trident for a right arm)
    10 – Fang Man (Evil reptilian who controls the Dragosaurs)
    11 – Scare Glow (Evil skeleton that glows in the dark)
    12 – King Von (not sure about this one)
    13 – Aramesh (Evil Electroid who wants to steal Orko’s powers…rly?)
    14 – Strong-Arm (Evil cyborg with a metal arm)
    15 – Triclops (Evil 3-eyed hunter and swordsman)
    16 – Clawful (Evil creature with claws similar to a fiddler crab)
    17 – Batros (Evil bat-creature living on the dark side of Eternia)
    18 – Evil-Lyn (Evil witch with malevolent powers)
    19 – Skeletor (duh)
    20 – Webstor (Evil, blue-skinned creature with spider abilities)
    21 – Beastman (Evil Master of Beasts)
    22 – General Tataran (Appeared in the last Filmation He-Man episode)
    23 – Dragoon (or The Dark One) (Evil, fire-breathing dragon creature)
    24 – Jitsu (Evil Samurai with a golden right-hand)
    25 – Mer-Man (Evil Master of Sea Creatures)
    26 – Ninjor (Evil Ninja…duh)
    27 – Stinkor (Evil Master of Odors)
    28 – Blade (Evil Master swordsman – appeared in the live-action film)
    29 – Hover Robot (Skeletor’s useless drone protectors)
    30 – Icer (Skeletor’s northern agent – can turn into water)
    31 – Saurod (Evil reptile who can emit sparks from his mouth! – appeared in the film)
    32 – Karg (Half-human/half-bat minion of Skeletor – appeared in the film)

  4. There is also Monteeg sitting above #21 Beastman. Monteeg appeared in the He-Man Filmation episode Castle Of Heroes). Also whose is the hand in the top right hand corner of the picture?

  5. The hand in top right is Blast Attak!
    But what’s the name of metal bird next to Whiplash??

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